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" Inspirational. Gutsy. Fresh. "
    - Seattle Post-Intelligencer

" A First-Class Film! "
    - Seattle Times

" I loved seeing the interviews with old Cougs. ‘Legends’ was just a blast to watch! "
    - Joe Palmquist, Sports Editor, The Spokesman Review

" Wonderfully nostalgic. "
    - Bob Robertson, Voice of the Cougars

" I bought part 1 at the Bookie yesterday after watching my beloved Cougars stomp all over the Ducks. We watched it last night and now I can't wait for part 2 and 3. Please hurry!!! "
    - Anne Highsmith, WSU Class of '88

" Thanks Jeff. Great Job! "
    - Drew Bledsoe, QB, Dallas Cowboys

" You'll love this movie "
    - Mike Price, Head Coach, Univ. Texas El Paso

" 'Legends' is a must-see! "
    - Bud Nameck, KXLY/Cougar Sports Radio

" This is the perfect gift for close Cougar friends. What a great production! "
    - Bob Rankin, Washington State Class of '49

" For longtime fans it's a colorful, even goose-bump inducing, walk down memory lane. For the younger crowd it's an entertaining, inspirational tale about a special place and some of the people who've helped make it that way. The stories, images and voices will stay with you. "
    - Greg Witter, Executive Editor,

" I had no idea our school colors were originally pink and blue! I laughed, cheered and cried non-stop for two and a half hours. This movie just etched its place atop the Washington State annals. "
    - Drew Dunning, Former All-American place kicker

" Our movie arrived a few days ago and we watched it right away and were delighted. The photos and facts of the old days and updates on some of our favorite players are wonderful! We can’t wait for Part Two! Best Wishes. "
    - Fern and Scott Kelly, Class of '51, Richland, WA

" I bought my copy of Part One and loved it! I can't wait for Parts 2 and 3! Great job! "
    - John Levi, Class of '86

" This production has value far beyond it's inexpensive price tag. It defines why we are Cougars! It's a great statement, not just about Cougar football, but the nature and heritage of WSU. It holds generational appeal that helps define our character as Washington State University graduates. This explains why the Cougar flag flies each week on ESPN's College Game Day program. "
    - Jerry Henderson, former WSU QB, 1966-68

" I so enjoyed the first Legends of the Palouse DVD, and I'm not even a Coug. I remember my Dad talking about how everyone in Eastern Oregon, where he was raised, wanted to be on the WSU football team in the late '30's/early '40's and now I understand why. He would have loved this movie!! It has a wonderfully nostalgic sense of history without being overly sentimental. Hearing the players and coaches talk about their experiences brings to life the human side of the sport and was fascinating to me even though I'm not an avid football fan. Best of luck with this movie!! It's a fine piece of work. I can't wait to see parts 2 and 3! "
    - Rosalie This, Oregon State University Class of '67

" Hats off to you! The research and reporting is worthy of the tradition of WSU which is rich in journalism. WSU has a special spiritual tradition often the envy of grads from other colleges. You have a good theme! "
    - Todd Gay, WSU Class of '69

" Just a quick note to say "Well Done!" on Part One of the movie. Can't wait until I can see the rest! "
    - Patrick Brentin, WSU Class of '84

" Just wanted to let you know that I got my movie the next that's great service! I finally got a chance to sit down and watch it the other night and it was awesome! Great job and I can't wait for your next two movies! GO COUGS!!! "
    - Greg Davis, WSU Class of '83

" I'm a huge Cougar history buff, but the content of this DVD gave me insight I could have only dreamed of...Cannot wait for parts 2 & 3! "
    - Lucas Nurmi, Wazzu '06

" A valuable purchase in so many ways. I was totally engaged throughout the movie, which was full of interesting, exciting, and touching material. Knowing that a part of my payment is donated to WSU Athletics makes it even more enjoyable. Go Cougs! "
    - Tom Lindberg, WSU Class of '86

" I have been looking forward to the release of "Legends of the Palouse" and it did not disappoint. I watched on the way to the USC game this year and I have never been so pumped up for the game. "
    - Jeff Eller, WSU Class of '85

" Thank you so much, Jeff, for this gift you have given us all. This film should be required for ALL Cougar Football Players. "
    - Rod Retherford, WSU CB 1981-82

" I watched the DVD this weekend. I had a great time...smiling, laughing, occasionally wiping tears from my eyes. "
    - John Droke, WSU Class of '77

" I got my copy of Part I. It's absolutely amazing, colorful, an absolute must see for everyone crimson and gray. "
    - Matt Troutman, Class of 2004, 3rd Generation Cougar

" Just stayed up late one night this week and watched your Part 1-- and was VERY impressed! I am from your generation and have been a Coug fan my whole life-- and there was sooooooooooo much history that I never realized about my ole Cougs........the older footage was just tremendous stuff............I want to thank you for the time, courage and perseverance necessary to pull this off....................congrats! "
    - David Dreher, WSU Class of '85

" You've produced something special, something unique, something that people will watch and enjoy 100 years from now. Many of these stories would not have been perserved without the film. Thank you! "
    - Richard McCartan, Pullman Native

" All true Cougs will be moved and changed by this movie. You are a blessing! "
    - Kurt Noonan, WSU Class of '91

" We learned more in 2 hours from the DVD than we have learned in over 20 years as Coug fans! "
    - Annette Barton, U of I Class of '79, Sandie McCollum, WSU Class of '2003

" I absolutely loved this movie...made me proud to be a Cougar. "
    - Robbie Tobeck, Center, Seattle Seahawks

" The old video and highlights are great, but this movie surpasses all your typical football movies because of the great inspirational player stories! "
    - Grant Hammons, Holts Summit, Missouri

" What you've done means everything to us. You're preserving our legacy. Thank you! We're passing your movies on to our grandchildren. "
    - Bill and Stella Melville, longtime season ticket holders

" Every college will want a movie like this soon! "
    - Jim Walden, Former Pac-10 and Big 12 Head Coach

" Mandatory viewing for the Cougar Nation. "
    - Jack Thompson, former All-American QB

" Some of my happiest memories are of Martin Stadium and the bond between Cougar fans. There was so much that brought me back, yet so much more that I didn't even know. If anyone ever wondered why we bleed crimson, this will enlighten them! "
    - Joseph Gehrke, WSU Class of 2002

" I left work early yesterday to watch Part 2 on my 50" plasma... Part 2 is also another great chapter in the WSU football documentary! GREAT JOB! "
    - Marcus A Saxon, WSU Class of 1999

" Everyone in my house was riveted to it when I turned it on. Great, great job! I had never heard that story about Rypien in the huddle before -- classic. Pat Beach's sigh about how hard it is in the NFL spoke volumes more than any amount of words. And that footage from 1977 at Lincoln and East Lansing was just awesome -- had never seen any of it before. Really good stuff. Thanks again! "
    - Greg Witter, WSU Class of 1984

" Great DVD! (Part Two.) I was at WSU from 1977-82, so it brought back a lot of good memories. "
    - Kevin McPartland, WSU Class of 1982

" Just watched Part Two and loved it! "
    - Derrick Potter, WSU Class of 1996

" I watched Part Two the day I got it and just wanted to say you guys did a great job "
    - Linda Benefiel

" Just wanted to thank you for a job well done on Part Two. My wife and I viewed it yesterday afternoon and loved it. "
    - Rich Faletto, WSU Class of '64

" We watched Part Two yesterday and it was very well done. If you're a Cougar at all you will be very moved. "
    - Mike Lemke, WSU Offensive Tackle 1976-77

" Just got my copy of "Legends of the Palouse, Part Two: Learning to Bowl", and, of course, I immediately popped it in to the DVD player. All I have to say is "Outstanding"! I really enjoyed the part about the Apple Cup rivalry....and you did a great job of explaining to others, who didn't have the sense to go to Washington State, why my two favorite college teams on any given day in EVERY sport, EVERY year, are WASHINGTON STATE and whoever is playing UW! GO COUGS!!! "
    - Greg Davis, WSU Class of '82

" I just watched Part Two and I love it! I really liked Part One, but Part Two covers the time I was in College. I was able to show my kids old footage of people I had classes with. Great stuff. You've done a wonderful thing here! "
    - Rob Ellsworth, Director, WSU Alumni Association (Tri-Cities)

" We just received watched Part Two. What a delight - we enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much for your efforts - I particularly enjoy YOUR narration. We are already looking forward to your next production! "
    - Milly Kay Baldwin

" Parts I and II are absolutely masterful in capturing the essence of being a Cougar. Both parts evoke a deeper appreciation of the heritage we share as COUGARS. I can't wait for Part III!!! "
    - Bruce Johnson, WSU Class of 1974

" You've created a legacy that will last several generations & a great recruiting tool. "
    - Dan Lynch, WSU All-American OG 1984

" I truly have enjoyed your wonderful films and the way it gets to the heart of our unique 'Cougar Pride!' "
    - Robert Lane, WSU Class of 1983

" I received my copy of Volume III Saturday, viewed it and wanted to pass on my sincere congratulations upon completion of this amazing gift to Cougars everywhere. Needless to say, there were several instances where I was reminded of what it means to be a Cougar…and of what being a COUGAR means to me. It really is a Coug thing (and other people really don’t understand). Thanks for undertaking this project. I will treasure this forever. Go Cougs! "
    - Bruce Johnson, WSU Class of 1974

" Part Three was a very enjoyable 2 hours. I even shed a few tears at the end. In the old days a great many of the Cougs from Seattle area packed their trunks and came by train. On the other hand, those of us from Walla Walla, Pasco, Kennewick and Richland, etc. chugged the 3 plus hours on two lane roads, up and down hills, blowing dust, blizzards and torrential rains. Life wasn't easy getting to Pullman or even after we got there. Thanks so much for the memories. "
    - Fern and Scott Kelly, WSC Class of 1951

" I watched Part Three over the weekend and you had great footage of the later years and I thought it was the best of the series! Great work on everything you have done regarding the Legends of the Palouse series! "
    - Paul Sorensen, First Team All-American Safety, WSU 1981

" I cannot thank you ENOUGH for the "Legends Of The Palouse" series. Wonderful work. Gave the thired installemnt to 83-year-old Dad for his birthday when we were up for the unfortunate OSU game last month. Just classy all around. He was tickled. "
    - Joanie Ries, WSU Class of 1979

" I watched the Part Three the other night and, man, what a terrific job you did. I darn near got tears a few times. Very well done. I mean, really Jeff, just great stuff. Congratulations! "
    - Jim Moore, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

" I have a copy of the three DVDs and love what you've done. Thanks so much for committing the history of WSU football to a format we all can enjoy. Go Cougs! "
    - Tom Spencer, WSU Class of 1983

" Jeff, we so admire your passion and diligence in completing this project! "
    - Sincerely, Barbara Bledsoe (Drew's Mom)

" Part Three is my favorite in the series. I love it that you tackle the love affair thing at the end. Great theories too. VERY well done! I'll be ordering some for Christmas gifts. "
    - Anne Highsmith, WSU Class of 1988

" Cathy and I thoroughly enjoyed Part 3. The greatest teams part tied the previous parts together, but the theories section was a stroke of genius. It brought everything to a satisfying closure. "
    - Leroy Hurt

" I think they should pass this movie out to every freshman that shows up on campus and give them a test over it. I almost felt embarrassed by how much I learned from it because I probably should have known a lot of that stuff already. Now I feel more comfortable about calling myself a Coug. "
    - "Rooster" on

" I just watched Legends 3. Thanks so much. What a joy. Really loved the salute to the great players on average teams. That footage of Bernard Jackson was an absolute treat. And I'll never get tired of seeing clips from the Thompson-Levenseller-Kelly years. Congrats again for a truly amazing body of work. "
    - Greg Witter, Senior Editor,, WSU Class of '84

" I really appreciate your hard work and what you have done. You have really captured on film what it means to be a Coug. "
    - Michelle Wheland, WSU Class of 1981

" I have looked at the first 2 cd's and they are outstanding. Just a great job by you and your staff. It is really nice to see all the great players and coaches that have been at WSU over the years. "
    - Steve Shoun, WSU Class of 1969, Former player 1966-69

" Your products are absolutely fantastic! I stayed up until 3:00 this am watching the entire set. As a Coug, I will always be grateful. "
    - Marc Bailey, WSU Class of 1977

" Jeff, thanks for all you have done, and for being the ultimate Coug. "
    - Jason Gesser, Former Heisman candidate and All-American quarterback at WSU

" Jeff, I am honored to be a part of your Legends of the Palouse" series. It is important for WSU alumni and friends to remember our long history and heritage. "
    - Rueben Mayes, First team WSU All-American RB 1984 and 1985, NFL Rookie of the Year 1986

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