Say hello to good food. Really, really good food.  


Say hello to losing yourself in every, single, bite.

To eating short ribs in hand-me-down sweatpants and pigging out like no one's watching – even if that means the cat.  


Say hello to cutting, chomping, and crunching your way through what has to be, hands down, the best pork belly you’ve ever had. Hello to going back for seconds and never once second-guessing dessert.


Say hello to delivery that’s as thought out as our menu.To delivery that believes there has to be something better than Styrofoam takeout containers. Say hello to delivery within 25 minutes, because we get being hangry is no fun.


Say goodbye to dressing up, goodbye to finding parking, goodbye to confusing silverware, and say hello to Ola.  


A one-of-a-kind takeout restaurant delivering upscale dining to people's homes. Unfortunately, with an ill-timed opening planned for March 2020 all we have left is a fun mantra, website, and some packaging copy (still to come).